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Ruben | Shopper Hero's Youngest Entrepreneur news

Ruben | Shopper Hero's Youngest Entrepreneur

In March 2020, President Rodrigo Duterte announced a community quarantine would be implemented in Metro Manila due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All transportation halted, strict community quarantines were imposed and most public services were stopped. For Filipinos living paycheck to paycheck, the abrupt loss of work is devastating for families.

Since then, Resellee has devoted itself to give hope to the Filipinos by offering a unique eCommerce platform that allows anyone to become a reseller for any product without monetary investment. “Zero-puhunan” is a means for everyone to start selling by simply selecting products they want to sell and adding them to their own e-commerce store through the Resellee platform.

Shopper Hero is a brand new business-for-a-cause platform powered by Resellee. Its goal is to support Filipinos affected by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic by giving higher commission rates to buy and sell products online, with zero capital needed. 

One of the many Filipinos who were able to start a business through Shopper Hero is Ruben, a 10-year old boy who was able to stay positive from one crisis to another. 

Ruben is the eldest of three children who strive to support his family and help his parents put food on the table by selling. Due to the financial and health crisis brought by the pandemic, his father lost his job as a bank driver. To make matters worse, his mother got sick and needed medical assistance as well. Ruben still manages to attend his public school in Taguig and afterwards head straight to the nearby Starbucks where he sells vegetables and seafood to the locals.

Despite the impacts of the global pandemic, Ruben is optimistic about his future. Even as a little boy, he has proven to be a strong salesperson. Aside from selling to his loyal customers, he was able to use his ShopperHero and Facebook account for online sales, and is continuously earning more by staying true to his mission to help his family. 

Shopper Hero is committed to grow and fulfill its vision to help people become financially successful through online entrepreneurship.

Support Ruben by buying from his store.